Why should I consider blinds/curtain automation?

Privacy is precious, Security is significant and comfort is craved.

D. Rajpara

Window furnishings are being used over centuries for variety of reasons from privacy to letting nice natural light in house to lighten not only your home but your lives to the aesthetics of the room. There is no doubts and no second thoughts it is the first and foremost fittings that your house would need. It is not a luxury nor a choice; it is a necessity.

Wondering, why is a home automation company talking about home décor? Yes, window furnishings are something we would like you think as soon as you think about home automation. You ask why? Read on to find out why and how.


Why would anyone want to automate blinds or curtains?

To begin with, door/window coverings (including privacy shutters) are necessity to maintain your privacy and security of the home. And believe it or not, door window coverings keep burglars at bay as the alarm systems do, if they can’t peak into the house, they will be less confident about entering then knowing exactly how, when and who is in the house. Hence, window coverings should be installed from day 1. So, as we the stats say smart home is the future, you should be able to control blinds and curtains via set program or mobile app. You can utilise things like “Home” and “Away” modes to make sure your house not pried into unnecessarily.


After that, we could be lazy or becomes monotonous for us to draw the curtains of whole house. It is merely not possible to be most efficient to draw curtains at the right time each day for maximising the natural light in. And not to mention, it is time consuming too. When you automate your blinds and/or curtains, you can create custom programs to open and close at certain time or depending on weather or may be even sun orientations to keep your house naturally cool during summers and warm during winters. Automation can help you maximise the energy efficiency of your home. You may even think about closing blinds and/or curtains if the heating or cooling is on/off. Customised automation can be as expansive as your imagination.


Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to convenience, luxury and comfort of the blinds/curtain automation. As all of us know, curtains are very good sound absorbents, so you can customise your program to draw the curtains to close when projector/TV or music is on. Maybe you have some sections of your windows that are inaccessible (or hard to access) or curtains are too heavy. Automation can help you open close those windows easily.


Most importantly, we should not forget the people with special needs. Maybe elderly parents, or physically challenged person. Automation can really come in handy for the scenarios where devices mind their own business with least human intervention.


Ok, I am onboard, what do I need to do and whom to ask for help?

First question to ask yourself what stage is your home at the point when thinking about window furnishing and how much are you willing to invest in it on top of the windows coverings (e.g., type and materials) as some technologies like Control 4 are little dearer and need more work done before house is complete whilst other technologies like Z-Wave or WiFi can be added on later and will cost little less too. The best advice we would like to give anyone, is to consult a home automation expert as soon as you some idea of what you want. They will be able to draw up some plans, sketch up some designs or may be manage your entire project too.


Once you know what type of window coverings you need, your home automation expert should suggest you few choices of technologies to choose from depending on your budget and how much is actually doable (for example, if your home is double storied – running a active live motorised blinds curtain could be difficult to achieve).


Next step, most important step is to get the right and skilled trade. If you have realised that you may need more than 1 trade to achieve this. Blinds and curtain experts could help you choose right color, fabric, electrician can help when AC motors are involved and home automation experts will help you bring this to life by creating custom programs.


We would leave you guys one last piece of advice, only choose best products available in your budget and your requirements.


We hope you enjoyed the read, please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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