About Us


Customer first

We are an Australian based company that has customer’s interest at heart. Our first priority is customer’s needs and project. Our fully customisable engagement model will suit your project. We will help and deliver product suites that suits right for your project.

Flexible model that works for you

We at Smartify Homes strive for luxurious modern contemporary living for each and every home. We have an engagement model that can be customised to your needs.

Only the best quality products and services

We stock, supply and install only the best home automation products that we trust and back. We have intensive testing process for each product before we try and supply to our valuable customers like you.



Our team is fully qualified, licensed and certified so you can rest assured that your project will be in good reliable hands. To further assure, each product comes with the standard Australian warranty and we also provide workmanship guarantee.




We want to create an eco system where homes understand the energy and occupant’s behaviour to provide the home that is not only luxurious but also energy efficient. Along with the home being smart, we want to uplift end users to be savvy with the smart home technology and want them to easy configure themselves as well if needs to be.

Luxury is for everyone

We want to enable you with luxury of smart home automation that you deserve.

For now and for the future

Save energy now and make your home socially conscious.

Convenient Automation

Let your routines and your preferences manage your home devices.

Education & Support

We are here to help. Let’s do it together and allow us to show you how to manage and program devices.

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