What is a smart home?

Home is our ultimate comfort, and no one can deny it.

Wherever you travel and how long you stay away from your home, the moment you enter your house, you feel “Comfort.” That satisfaction you were waiting for ages feels right then after a long time. And we understand exactly how you feel.

But what if we proffer 100x more comfort? Wondering How? Not just for a moment, but as long as you wish, even when you are on a business tour or on vacation with family. Keep reading, as this blog will explore everything about Smart Homes powered by Smartify Homes.

A smart home is a subjective term as each individual or technologist will interpret it, and much of this blog will also touch on different perspectives. Smart, intelligent, decision making, understanding/reading the situation all relate to the smartness of an entity. Here, the entity is your home, yourself, or any other device in your home.

Now you may have a second question: If I buy and install these individual devices, will it make my home “smart”? Answer is not as simple as a Yes or No; it comes down to you, the resident of that home’s expectations.

Imagine if you could adjust the room’s temperature, turn on lights or switch off the fans, open doors or gates, & all of it just with your fingertips. WAIT! The best part is yet to come. All of it is possible despite being present in your house but anywhere in the world. And as per your mood or any other external factors.

Well, that sounds interesting. And to add to your excitement, you need not carry an extra remote every time for it. Instead, SMARTIFY has worked on simplifying your lifestyle while turning your voice or mobile into a remote switch. WAIT! How? Instead, each smart device you try to install in your home will come with an app so that you can control or program your device at your fingertip but at SMARTIFY HOMES we recommend integrating all these into a single app and adding a voice control.

Voice controller, you said? Imagine they support these SMARTIFY HOMES devices via Google Home or Alexa, or Apple HomeKit; you may control it via your voice. And with the internet, you may execute the same commands from any part of the globe.

So, controlling your device from a unified app and voice control is your first phase of home automation.

The next phase is the practicality of doing a bit more with your devices. Let me help you here in understanding more features. You may turn on/off lights on a schedule or run a sprinkler every day at 6 pm or even consider opening or closing blinds at sunrise/sunset just as you wish. All these applications of automation or, say scheduling, require residents’ / users’ hard-coded rules. For instance, considering you have downlights in the kids’ bedroom, you can turn them into night lights as soon as it’s 7:30 pm and ultimately turn them off at only 6 am. On that note, you may require something like a nudge prompter for your kids to know its bedtime. Such features of schedules/automation for any purpose are your phase after controlling your device.

And now, finally, allow me to amaze you further with this feature.

We at SMARTIFY HOMES push the boundary with every opportunity we come across. For example, we integrate a soil moisture sensor allowing us to control the irrigation system to automate on how long to water your garden. After that, the irrigation runs the course until it achieves desired moisture levels. Another example would be if there is no motion in the kids’ bedroom for 10 minutes between sunset and bedtime, it turns off the lights & if there is a motion between midnight and sunrise, it will turn on the lights but only at 30% brightness, so you do not blind anyone or disturb others and not to mention, saving energy.

Lastly, automation and “smartifying” the devices could save energy and other resources whilst making your living comfortable. Now it’s your turn to device your “smart” home project; either you do it yourself or get an expert like SMARTIFY HOMES to help you through the process!

With so many features and comfort with just a thought, imagine if you can experience it with the provided support from Smartify Homes? How comfy!!

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