Does home automation add value to your home?

We know it is a concern for you to invest in Smart Home Automation. So let us find the answer if having home automation adds value to your home or not. We will keep it simple. First, let us understand the What & How part of having a better clarity about value.

What do you consider while buying a house? You would consider many things but, the common feature among all is that you aim to receive ‘comfort.’ You would prefer a home close to the local groceries. You may buy a house close to your workplace to have comfort in travelling. But will all of it come to you at a low cost? Think. It would come at some high cost or at stake to compromise. Comfort adds value to a product & service. You would choose to pay for a new mobile device to have a conversation with a friend than to travel miles every time to have a conversation. You are having your ‘comfort’ here. And to enjoy your comfort zone, you would invest in buying a new mobile phone rather than investing in daily travelling expenses.

Technology has played a crucial role in making life easy. It is always considerable to adopt technology support to ease life and achieve comfort in this fast-moving world. We ought to adopt technology for everything, whether to book a service online or order a product. Living in 2021, we have come across many individuals who have already adopted voice-controlled applications to ease their daily routine & to multitask.

It aimed at the invention of home automation to provide comfort and ease to household members. If it offers convenience, it is safe to say it adds value to the home. We consider an investment in home automation as a factor to increase home valuation big time. But is it all? It’s time to reveal the How part. Keep reading so as not to have any misconceptions.

How does smart-home automation add value to your home?

Don’t get surprised if someone informs you that 24.9% of Australian households feature smart-home technology. We expect it to increase to 41.9% in the next two years by 2023. Talking in figures, these accumulate nearly 2.3 million Australian residents that have adopted smart-home automation. It’s known to everyone that when demand increases, the value increases too.

More than 43% are concerned to have a comfortable home. However, 38.4% aims to improve control & connectivity, while 35.7% prefer smart homes for improving security purposes (Source: Statista)
Here we have shared some key points to understand better:

  1. Smart home automation does not work only on commands, unlike Alexa & Google Assistant. It is a step ahead that allows you to schedule anything and everything at your convenience. Smart door locks, smart sensors, and other smart devices can work after scheduling them. It adds value to the working professionals who would prefer to save every bit of their time.
  2. As per the data collected, we expect the Smart Home market in Australia to reach US$4.61 Billion in 2027. The increase in demand has led millennials to prefer smart-home. (Source: Statista)
  3. Comfort sells big time. The moment one provides comfort and satisfaction, the value of the product rises. You do not need to think twice about compromising on setting any price while from now on adopting a house rental service or selling a home with smart-home features.
  4. We understand that smart-home automation is a long-term investment. We design the products keeping in mind to cut expenses on energy consumption. Unlike any other gadgets, smart home devices consume far less energy to save your cost to minimal.
  5. If you are a future optimistic individual, we are glad you are reading this. It is because the future lies in smart-home automation. The world is evolving with the presence of technology in our daily lives. And if not now, you might end up paying more in the future to the devices available today at an affordable price.

These were our five key points for you to decide if it adds value or not.

Conclusion statement

To conclude, we understand that comfort is the most important thing from a buyer’s perspective. They would consider buying a house that fulfils their requirements & wants, which also eases their daily lifestyle routine. The working class would always consider saving time at all times. Smart homes save energy & support sustainability. We have to consider a futuristic approach to adopting smart homes among the new generation, as they prefer using technology. It also means you could sell a house with no troubles in the future. We believe that, smart homes are the future homes. We have witnessed families living a comfortable lifestyle using smart home automation for a long time. It portrays comfortability, adaptability & convenience offered by the devices adjusted to daily lifestyle. And thus, home automation systems add value to your house.

So, what are your thoughts?

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With rapid increase in technology & continuous struggle made by human to cope with it, I believe this article not only focuses on comfort, which is the basic requirement but also enlightened the importance of smart-home automation.
In conclusion this was a helpful article.

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