NICE Walky 2024 Gate Kit


The WALKY2024 is a 24V DC compact swing gate operator set (two motors) with built in control unit and OXI plug-in receiver.

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Brand: NICE
Warranty: 1 Year


The WALKY2024 is a 24V DC compact swing gate operator set ( two motors) with built in control unit and OXI plug-in receiver

Product Kit Contents:

  • 1 X WALKY1024C Gate Motor
  • 1 X WALKY1024 Gate Motor (Without Control Module)
  • 2 X EPMB PE Beam Photosensors
  • 1 X WLT LED Light
  • 1 X EKS Key Switch
  • 1 X ON3EBD Transmitter
  • 1 X OXIBD Receiver

The WALKY 2024 is fully compatible with Fibaro HC3

Ultra Compact: Ideal for pedestrian gates mode of Wood or PVC, recommended for small posts (width 8cm)

Practical: The articulated arm enables installation in specific conditions, such as in the presence of small walls, or obstacles adjacent to the post to allow for the full arc of opening even in enclosed spaces.

Quick: With the ability to shorten the actuator arm of the gate, you can ensure your gate opens in the quickest time possible, with the reduced arm length it’s only a 7 second wait for the gate to fully open.

Convenient: With the ability to incorporate a flashing LED indicator and courtesy light function, ensuring the safe operation of your gate at all times of day was never easier. The Motor also comes with a rapid motor release for manual gate movement.

No Black Out: Even if you do have a power outage the Gate accepts optional batteries that are housed inside the gear motor, allowing your remotes to operate your gates even if the rest of your house is unpowered.

Built-in control unit: The WALKY2024 comes with a built in control unit allowing for:

  • Simple Programming
  • Automatic memorization of limit switches on opening and closing, with an added self-learning function
  • Automatic fault diagnostics
  • Programming of pause time
  • Pedestrian pass door
  • Deceleration on opening and closing
  • Provisioning for connection of latest generation resistive sensitive edges.

Technical Specifications

Please see the technical details of the product below.

Product Name 
Power Supply
230V AC (50/60 Hz)
Gate Speed
1.5 – 2.2 rpm
120 Nm
Protection Level
Operation temperature
-20 – 50°C
Dimensions (mm)
90 x 125 x 385